During Holy Week, as we prepare for Easter and our school break, I am doing a lot of self-reflection which this week naturally inspires.

The events of the final week our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, spent on this earth offer a lot to meditate upon.  How fickle are we that welcome Jesus as our King, only to turn and betray Him at the first chance we get!  How dishonest are we that give public voice to the Praise of our Saviour, only to harbour judgement against our neighbour!  How foolish are we that reach for the gifts of God, only to accept direction from the evil one!

But Praise God!  Glory and Hallelujah!  Because even knowing our weakness, our Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, has mercy on us, sinners. He saves us from death and darkness in spite of our sin. 

There can be only one response to what our Father has done for us.  That is to do likewise.  Out of praise, out of gratitude, out of love and in humility, we must serve one another.  In serving one another, we serve Him!  It is in this service that we will each find joy, peace, love and justice. 

During our well-deserved break from regular school activities, I want to encourage all of us to enact this service and double-down on safeguarding the health of others.  Do this by refusing to be a conduit for the transmission of COVID-19.  Find new and creative ways to enjoy time during this Easter holiday with your household family.  Avoid gatherings.  Wear a mask.  We can drive DOWN the number of daily infections in our area. 

(Since the beginning of the 2020-21 school year, the above is a summary of the number of students and staff who needed to quarantine / isolate, as of March 31, 2021.) 

May God Bless each of us with Faith that never waivers, Hope that always encourages, and Love that never ceases to serve. 

Happy Easter to our Holy Spirit School Division Family!