Dear Staff, Students and Parents:

As we enter into the Easter Season, the holiest of liturgical seasons for Christians in our church, amid this time of uncertainty which is centered on the world pandemic, we are reminded daily of the ultimate love that Jesus Christ poured out for us.  Today, as we begin the Holy Triduum (the three days leading up to the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus), we do so with a hopeful and grateful heart. By sacrificing his own life by dying on the cross, he gave us the ultimate gift of everlasting life. 

Staff at all of our schools have been reaching out to students and families over the past four weeks, making individual connections and, to varying degrees, providing learning opportunities for our students.  Although teaching and learning looks different from school to school and from student to student, we are continuing the process in a very modified fashion.

Looking into the Easter break next week, we know that all students and staff will be away from their school-related studies and instruction to pause, relax and rest.  This will be a time to reflect on what is most important, knowing that we will get through this unprecedented difficulty with the Holy Spirit as our guiding light.  

The entire Holy Spirit Catholic School family continues to be in my daily prayers.  My prayer for EACH of you this Easter Season is that your lives are blessed abundantly with the special presence and grace of the Risen Christ.  

God Bless!

Ken Sampson,

Superintendent of Schools

Holy Spirit Catholic School Division